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This box set contains audio recordings of books one, two, and three of the Crafters' Club series.

Book One: Two Worlds

Finding a real-life portal provides Crafters' Club members, JJ, Jamie, Charli, and Annie, a doorway into the world of their favorite video game, Minecraft. Propelled by the portal into a Minecraft map, a thrilling, heart-racing adventure unfolds. Survival is their utmost priority as they learn to craft supplies, stay safe from mobs and exist in a foreign land. Will teamwork, friendship, and courage be enough to ultimately guide them home?

Book Two: The Villagers

Jamie's desire to visit a village leads to disastrous results when he ignores the Crafters' Club's rules and sneaks into the Minecraft world alone. Weakened by a potion, he becomes trapped, unable to move or find a way home. Will JJ, Annie, and Charli be able to save Jamie, protect the villagers from zombies, and survive another adventure in the Minecraft world?

Book Three: Lost

When The Crafters' Club members decide to bring their villager friend Toby into the real world, their excitement turns to dread. Toby has disappeared, and things have gone terribly wrong. How will they explain the situation to the villagers? With JJ and Charli unable to help, Annie and Jamie must mount a rescue mission. Can Annie find the courage to help Jamie save their friends?

©2015 Louise Guy (P)2018 Louise Guy

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  • TheDaddy
  • 2018/07/02

my boy loved it

Great for an 8 yr old obsessed with minecraft, not so great for the parent