• The Complete Guide to Blue Heelers

  • AKA the Australian Cattle Dog. Learn About Breeders, Finding a Puppy, Training, Socialization, Nutrition, Grooming, and Health Care
  • 著者: David Anderson
  • ナレーター: Larry Oblander
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The Complete Guide to Blue Heelers

著者: David Anderson
ナレーター: Larry Oblander


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¥900 で購入



BLUE HEELER HISTORY: Learn about the European origins of the Australian Cattle Dog, their working history, and see a quick guide to their best and worst traits.

THE IDEAL ENVIRONMENT: Learn what type of home and family a Blue Heeler will thrive in. Prepare your own house and yard, and have your family prepared to bring your Blue Heeler home.

FINDING A BLUE HEELER: Learn how to locate and properly vet a breeder, or discover the best ways to find an adoptable Heeler. Also, learn what personality traits and characteristics to look for when choosing your dog.

BRING YOUR BLUE HEELER HOME: Learn what to expect and how to prepare for the first days, weeks, and months with your new Blue Heeler puppy. Includes tips on how to handle the ride home, the first vet visit, and setting early expectations with your puppy.

TRAINING: Includes tips for house training, socialization, basic commands (such as sit, stay, down), positive reinforcement techniques, and much more!

NUTRITION: Learn why a healthy diet is so important for the Blue Heeler, what kinds of commercial foods to choose, how to make your own food at home, and dealing with food related problems.

GROOMING: Information on managing your ACD's coat, bathing tips, ear care, shampoos, trimming their nails, teeth brushing, and cleaning the ears and eyes.

BLUE HEELER HEALTH CARE: Learn about preventing common diseases and parasites in your Blue Heeler. Includes advice for finding a good veterinarian, natural alternatives and holistic options, and vaccination information.

YOUR AGING BLUE HEELER: Learn about old age care, the changes you can make in nutrition, exercise, and common ailments. Also includes information about keeping them mentally sharp, why you should increase your vet visits and how to help them really enjoy their final years.

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