The ghost story is perhaps the oldest of all the supernatural literary genres and has captured the imagination of almost every writer to put pen to the page. Here, Edgar Award-winning editor Otto Penzler has followed his keen sense of the supernatural to collect the most chilling and uncanny tales in the canon. These spectral stories span more than 100 years, from modern-day horrors by Joyce Carol Oates, Chet Williamson, and Andrew Klavan, to pulp yarns from August Derleth, Greye La Spina, and M. L. Humphreys, to the atmospheric Victorian tales of Rudyard Kipling, Edith Wharton, and H. P. Lovecraft, not to mention modern works by the likes of Donald E. Westlake and Isaac Asimov that are already classics. Some of these stories have haunted the canon for a century, while others are making their first ghoulish appearance in audiobook form.  

Whether you prefer possessive poltergeists, awful apparitions, or friendly phantoms, these stories are guaranteed to thrill you, tingle the spine, or tickle the funny bone and keep you listening with fearful delight.  

Including such classics as "The Monkey's Paw" and "The Open Window" and also featuring haunted mansions, midnight frights, lovers from beyond the grave, rapping, tapping, wailing shades, and ghosts, ghouls, and specters galore!

©2012 Otto Penzler (introduction and compilation) (P)2020 HighBridge, a division of Recorded Books


The Big Book of Ghost Storiesに寄せられたリスナーの声


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    4 out of 5 stars
  • R&K
  • 2021/02/28

An eclectic collection with excellent narration...

I am not a fan of anthologies as such but admire them nonetheless. When they are done well - as this one is - it is a prodigious find and a profound pleasure. Notably, the story’s title and author’s name are clearly stated at the very start of each listening chapter or section. And reiterated right after a very brief and adequate introduction to the author and their works. Thankfully, all introductions are succinct. This is impressive to say the least. So many anthologies/collections suffer from rambling introductions, and in my view, this quite kills the pleasure of listening. Reading is another matter. Anyway, the narrators I think are only two (keeping it simple and sweet) and are very good. Overall, I really enjoyed this one though a few stories were already known to me.

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    1 out of 5 stars
  • OL
  • 2020/08/02

5 hours of garbage.

I couldn't even past chapter 3 cause this book was just boring as hell smh..

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    2 out of 5 stars
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    2 out of 5 stars
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    3 out of 5 stars
  • Kindle Customer
  • 2021/09/22

way too much commentary

the history and unending commentary drove me nuts. just tell the story first then add commentary if necessary. so we don't have to listen to the annoying male narrator.

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    3 out of 5 stars
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    3 out of 5 stars
  • ストーリー
    4 out of 5 stars
  • Heinz57
  • 2020/06/12

Errrr chapters anyone??

This is a review in progress though I thought I would share my initial thoughts to prospective buyers.

This little beauty appeared a very interesting book, packed to the rafters with somewhere in the region of 83 ghost stories clocking in at around 53hrs made me want to know more. After listening to the preview, which is part of the editors introduction and doing a little online research, I took the plunge.

I like the initial introduction to each story by the reader, providing details on the author and the history of the story and I am getting on well with each of the narrators.

The stories are very much a product of their times and the language used is indicative of this.

Unfortunately apart from the intial written summary which provides an overview of the book, there isn't any information as to what the stories are other than when you start to listen to them and so you can't navigate back and forth unless you have already listened to them!

Unfortunately, there isn't any information where you would expect to find it i.e the.chapter headings! Its a genius move which I have encountered in other Audible books and what a marketing strategy! "Here's 83 books ladies and gents, however we aren't going to tell you what they are or where to find them"

However, one patient Amazon reviewer had decided to write out the contents of the book, in a written review
they had posted and it is to them I offer my thanks. I have copied and pasted below for others wanting to know more. I am not sure they correlate with the numerical chapters in this book but will revise as I go until Audible decide to include them which I very much hope they will:

Chapter 2 - Conrad Aiken: Mr. Arcularis
Chapter 3 - William Fryer Harvey: August Heat

Chapter 4 & 5 - Ellen Glasgow: The Shadowy Third
Chapter 6 & 7 - Ellen Glasgow: The Past
Chapter 8 - David Morrell: But At My Back I Always Hear
Chapter 9 - O. Henry: The Furnished Room
Chapter 10 - Paul Ernst: Death's Warm Fireside
Andrew Klavan: The Advent Reunion
R. Murray Gilchrist: The Return
Rudyard Kipling: The Phantom Rickshaw
Ambrose Bierce: The Moonlit Road
Lafcadio Hearn: The Story of Ming-Y
Lafcadio Hearn: Yuki-Onna

Amyas Northcote: Brickett Bottom
E. F. Benson: How Fear Departed from the Long Gallery
G. G. Pendarves: Thing of Darkness
Edward Lucas White: The House of the Nightmare
Hector Bolitho: The House on Half Moon Street
Dick Donovan: A Night of Horror
Vincent O'sullivan: The Burned House

Rosemary Timperley: Harry
Michael Reaves: Make-Believe
A. M. Burrage: Playmates
Ramsey Campbell: Just Behind You
A. E. Coppard: Adam And Eve and Pinch Me
Steve Friedman: The Lost Boy of the Ozarks

Mark Twain: A Ghost's Story
Donald E. Westlake: In At The Death
Nathaniel Hawthorne: The Ghost of Dr. Harris
"Ingulphus": The Everlasting Club
Isaac Asimov and James Maccreigh: Legal Rites
Albert E. Cowdrey: Death Must Die
Frank Stockton: The Transferred Ghost
Oscar Wilde: The Canterville Ghost

August Derleth: Pacific 421
Robert Weinberg: The Midnight El

Frederick Cowles: Punch and Judy
Henry S. Whitehead: The Fireplace
H. F. Arnold: The Night Wire 400
Fritz Leiber: Smoke Ghost 406
Wyatt Blassingame: Song of the Dead

Wilkie Collins: The Dream Woman 437
Washington Irving: The Adventure of the German Student

Joseph Shearing: They Found My Grave
Edgar Jepson: Mrs. Morrel's Last Séance
Joyce Carol Oates: Night-Side

M. R. James: "Oh, Whistle and I'll Come To You My Lad"
W. W. Jacobs: The Monkey's Paw
W. W. Jacobs: The Toll-House
Edith Wharton: Afterward
Willa Cather: Consequences
Cynthia Asquith: The Follower
Cynthia Asquith: The Corner Shop
H. P. Lovecraft: The Terrible Old Man
Erckmann-Chatrian: The Murderer's Violin
Saki: The Open Window
Saki: Laura
Fitz-James O'Brien: What Was It?
Alexander Woollcott: Full Fathom Five
H. R. Wakefield: He Cometh and He Passeth By
Perceval Landon: Thurnley Abbey

Algernon Blackwood: The Woman's Ghost Story
Victor Rousseau: The Angel of the Marne
Olivia Howard Dunbar: The Shell of Sense
Marjorie Bowen: The Avenging of Ann Leete

Greye La Spina: The Dead-Wagon
Urann Thayer: A Soul with Two Bodies
Arthur J. Burks: The Ghosts of Steamboat Coulee
Thorp Mcclusky: The Considerate Hosts
Cyril Mand: The Fifth Candle
August Derleth and Mark Schorer: The Return of Andrew Bentley
M. L. Humphreys: The Floor Above
Manly Wade Wellman: School for the Unspeakable
A. V. Milyer: Mordecai's Pipe
Julius Long: He Walked by Day
Dale Clark: Behind the Screen

M. Rickert: Journey into the Kingdom
H. R. F. Keating: Mr. Saul
Chet Williamson: Coventry Carol

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    5 out of 5 stars
  • ナレーション
    5 out of 5 stars
  • ストーリー
    5 out of 5 stars
  • Helen
  • 2020/12/15

Delightfully spooky mixture of stories

I love this audio-book, there are a couple of stories that I skipped through but I've bookmarked them and will go back to listen to them at some point. On the whole this book is well worth the price, the two narrators are really good, one or two of the stories reminded me of Dean Koontz and Stephen King, and its about 50 hours of audio, which is amazing for one credit.

I have 81 books in my Audible collection, by many varied popular writers, and most are ghost stories, but this Big Book of Ghost Stories is my firm favourite.

  • 総合評価
    5 out of 5 stars
  • ナレーション
    5 out of 5 stars
  • ストーリー
    5 out of 5 stars
  • Steven Cuff
  • 2021/01/26

These stories will haunt you!

This huge collection of ghost stories by mainly American and British authors kept me entertained for weeks. There are classic tales by people such as M. R. James, Rosemary Timperley, Oscar Wilde, Edgar Alan Poe, Saki etc as well as up to date authors, writers best known for their movie work and a plethora of good American pulp fiction authors from the pages of Weird Tales etc. It's a nice blend of terror and comedy, the gothic and the psychological, mystery and romance. Some stories are like beautiful poems. The narrators are excellent and read clearly at a comfortable pace. The only slight distraction is when the female narrator does a male voice! Here you will find spectres, vampires, myths, fairy tales, poltergeists, a psychic detective, a monkey's paw and much more. I highly recommend this book.