『The Art of Social Enterprise』のカバーアート

The Art of Social Enterprise

著者: Carl Frankel, Allen Bromberger
ナレーター: David Skulski


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¥2,500 で購入



The current business-for-profit model rewards short-term thinking, narrow self-interest, and a social-and-environmental-costs-be-damned attitude. Nonprofits, while more focused on the greater good, tend to be inherently resource-challenged and rely on increasingly scarce grants and donations to sustain their existence. Social enterprise is an exciting, blended model driven by the desire to create positive change through entrepreneurial activities.

The Art of Social Enterprise is a practical guide that supplies everything you need to know about the mechanics of social entrepreneurship including:

  • Startup-envisioning and manifesting intention
  • Strategic planning-balancing social and monetary value
  • Maintaining an even keel despite the inevitable challenges associated with being an entrepreneur

This valuable resource also provides an unparalleled legal perspective to help you take advantage of established legal organizational forms, recent statutory creations, contract hybrids, certification programs and more.

Aimed at emerging as well as established social entrepreneurs, for-profit leaders who want to introduce an element of social responsibility into their companies, and nonprofit organizations who want to increase their stability by generating income, The Art of Social Enterprise is the definitive guide to doing well while doing good.

* Be sure to download the PDF that accompanies this audiobook.

Carl Frankel has been writing about green business for over two decades and is a serial social entrepreneur and acknowledged thought leader in his own right. He has extensive experience consulting for for-profits, nonprofits, and social enterprises.

Allen Bromberger is the leading social enterprise lawyer in North America. Over the years, he has advised thousands of social entrepreneurs: his expertise is as broad as it is deep and specialized.

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