• The Art of Organized Happiness

  • The Complete Guide on How to Organize Your Life
  • 著者: A.J. Peters
  • ナレーター: Leah Voysey
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Japanese Zen Buddhists have practiced minimalism for centuries. We have adored their ways of keeping only the essentials and giving away the rest. It’s easy to organize and keep a space clutter-free when there is not much to organize. Imagine a room crammed wall to wall with junk, leaving only a human-sized path to walk through. Ever wonder how one finds the time, energy, and patience to tackle such tasks?

The art of organization is a skill. It takes years to practice and even more to be able to say that you have mastered the art. Thanks to the thousands of space-saving solutions and organizers, it doesn’t take weeks to purge and organize. 

In this guide, Ashley Peters spills the beans on how to keep your home, office, and personal life in perfect harmony. With her wisdom and years of practicing organizational skills, she has picked up several great tricks and hacks to make any space mess-free. Narrated in a simple and relatable manner, this covers everything from how to stock your kitchen cabinets to how to make the most of the space under your bed.

Some of the topics and ideas you can expect to listen to in detail include:

  • The desperate need for organization in our lives and homes
  • How can we ever start if we don’t have a "why"
  • Knowing the reasons you need organization in your life
  • The purpose of purging and what should it look like
  • How to sort items into baskets and what to do with them after
  • Cleaning and organizing the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, garage, and the living room
  • How to gain control over your desk’s clutter
  • How to take back your life and become organized mentally

Backed by scientific studies and personal stories, this is a fun and informative listen for people who have trouble keeping up with the clutter. Allow Ashley to take you into her world of organization so that you can embrace the art, too.

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  • 2021/02/27

very helpful

very informative, lots of great little tips to help out with every day things. would recommend for anyone trying to de-clutter life a bit