• The Analytical Mind: Level Up Your Researching and Critical Thinking Skills, Improve Your Decision Making and Problem Solving Ability, Notice the Details Others Miss

  • 著者: Albert Rutherford
  • ナレーター: Russell Newton
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  • カテゴリー: 科学・工学, 数学


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The Analytical Mind aims to raise the level of your mental performance by focusing on the fundamentals of how to use your mind effectively. This book will show you how to:

  • Increase your ability to analyze problems and to comprehend what you read, hear, experience in a logical manner.
  • Examine the logical structure of good and bad reasoning. 
  • Look at what type of evidence are decisions commonly based on.
  • Detect common fallacies and rhetorical and psychological factors that can influence your thinking. 

The book outlines and presents the methods that good problem solvers use in understanding complex ideas. Then, it provides practice in applying these methods to a variety of comprehension, analytical, and reasoning questions. It also includes a number of logical thinking problems to hone your logical thinking skills.

Use these intellectual skills to analyze anything you might think about - questions, problems, disciplines.

  • The most widely used forms of analysis.
  • Guidance and practice to monitor your thoughts with the help of intellectual tools.
  • Learn to question purposes, problems, information, and concepts.
  • Interdisciplinary analytical tools to understand and assess your own reasoning, be it about a highly technical question or your everyday life.

The Analytical Mind helps you to find the most fundamental logic of any discipline, problem, or thesis. Transfer your knowledge between and among subjects and fields of observation. 

  • Learn four types of profound analysis.
  • Learn to read and create statistical charts.
  • Learn and correct the most frequent errors in reasoning.
  • Learn to complement your analytical thinking tools with synthetic, systemic, critical, and creative thinking tools.

Good analytical thinking skills are deeply necessary if you are working in business, education, law, politics, and economics. Understanding the underlying structure of a problem can help you come up with a more profound solution. 

Adopt analytical thinking skills to make better decisions, assess situations more accurately, and persuade other people with more success to consider your point of view. This book serves as a springboard toward analytic proficiency.

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okay ill sum it up for he's explaining how to be more robust and aggressive in decision making its something you will learn for free at some point