• Terrestrial Trespassers

  • The Greys, Abductions & Areas of High Strangeness
  • 著者: Philip Kinsella
  • ナレーター: Russ Williams
  • 再生時間: 11 時間 53 分


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Terrestrial Trespassers

著者: Philip Kinsella
ナレーター: Russ Williams


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What are the Greys? Why are they here, and furthermore, what are their intentions? Why is it that after decades of alien abduction and UFO research we are no nearer in truly establishing what we may be up against regarding this omnipresent force which seemingly operates beyond our level of reality and hides within the shadows like phantoms in the night?

Author and UFO researcher, Philip Kinsella takes a candid look at the phenomenon, along with other areas of high strangeness in his search for the clues which may answer some truly extraordinary claims. The phenomenon appears to mirror additional bizarre, supernatural occurrences across the world, and most notably the appearance of terrifying cryptids which have been recounted within the national forests of America and beyond.

Lights, smells and a change in the environment indicates the onslaught of such beings appearing from deep within the shadows, only then to dissipate as though they’d never existed at all! Are there connections to be made concerning UFOs and other strange monsters reported? Since Philip’s own alien abduction back in the winter of 1989, along with the appearance of UFOs at close range and which have also been documented, he has been driven, (like many others) to find the truth of what may be behind these alien intrusions and has highlighted several theories surrounding the big question of the Greys themselves. His speculation emphasises a better understanding of multidimensional levels of consciousness, and our need to look outside the box of rational thinking which science continually denies within the advent of such strange singularities.

New theoretical models need to come into the equation if we are to make any progress in our search of not only UFOs and aliens, but what we as a human species ultimately represents.

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