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Bettie B. Youngs, PhD, and Jennifer Leigh Youngs have worked with hundreds of teens of various ages and backgrounds to get to the heart of real-life teen issues. This latest offering reflects what teens tell them is the staple of life-making, keeping and coping with friends, finding someone special and then dealing with makeups and breakups, and sorting through control issues with their parents. 

More and more, teens are concerned about friends facing a health crisis (such as AIDS or eating disorders), having a serious alcohol or drug problem, and how to help their parents with their problems. Taste Berries for Teens Three addresses these growing concerns through a combination of stories expressing teens' thoughts and the compassionate wisdom of Bettie and Jennifer Youngs.

Taste Berries for Teens Three lightens things up with a new chapter chock-full of little-known trivia teens will find fascinating and fun and wraps up with a section called "Ask Dr. Youngs", where Bettie answers the most common questions she gets from teens in the areas of self-improvement, friendship, love and sex, grieving, rumors, harassment, and parents. Her responses reveal her love for teens by providing real solutions and encouraging teens to talk to their parents or important adults.

This collection of stories and advice is inspiring, honest, and compelling, and it will support teens as they progress on their life journeys. Taste Berries for Teens Three is sure to be the next big success in this extraordinary teen series.

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