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Start as a RECRUIT...become a SUPER-SOLDIER...end up a GALACTIC WARLORD. 

Don your armor, load up on ammo, and get ready for your combat training. You don't become a badass by signing on the dotted line, you gotta earn it the hard way...same goes for your team. You have to learn to fight, how to work together, and how to lose...for the ancient origins of humanity on Earth are dark, devastating, and destined to return. Earth is going to lose, and lose badly when our time is up, but out of the ashes of defeat, we may be able to scrounge up a future if you and the other future warlords can learn how to overcome the losses and turn them to our advantage.  

And the one advantage we have is the repository of ancient knowledge left behind when our former masters abandoned Earth during a civil war. They assume everyone died, but a few human slaves remained and now we live only because of that mistake. 

But they didn't just make one. Their second was leaving the most heavily defended and valuable building on the planet intact because destroying it along with the others when they bugged out would be too time-consuming. Instead, they buried it and now we have limited access to the advanced technology and database inside. From it we know the truth about our ancestry, as well as the superhuman powers they laced into our genome...and because of those powers, any human not under their direct control carries with them an automatic death sentence. 

So when we're found out, we're all going to die...unless you and your team can grow into the war leaders we need, figure out how to use the ancient technology as well as those who created it, and find a way to do the impossible and overcome a galactic empire millions of years old. An empire known as the V'kit'no'sat, which Earth hilariously misinterpreted as a group of extinct animals called the Dinosaurs.

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Star Force: Origin Series Box Set, Books 33-36に寄せられたリスナーの声


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  • John Q. Public
  • 2018/02/24

Really enjoying the series!

Any additional comments?

As in the previous sets, there isn't much in the way of character development. The story revolves around the scenarios, action, and tech.

A really enjoyable series so far.

A lot of confusing shifting of narrators.