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You are invited to take one of the world’s leading experts on Christian spiritual traditions as your personal professor and spiritual guide. A blend of timeless Christian wisdom and modern psychology, Fr. Anthony Ciorra will infuse spirituality into your daily life.

For two millennia, the Christian tradition has developed tried-and-true methods for finding peace and dwelling in the presence of God. These time-honored practices have helped countless men and women lead more meaningful lives. But wielding the spiritual tools forged by our spiritual ancestors can be difficult amid the bustle of modern life.

In Living Spiritually: Your How-to Guide to Christianity's Great Spiritual Practices, Fr. Anthony Ciorra distills the wisdom of these practices into 12 life-changing audio lectures. An award-winning teacher of spirituality, Fr. Ciorra gives you a spiritual GPS for navigating the path to the divine.

With his engaging teaching and sage advice, you will develop practices including cultivating silence, practicing gratitude, sharpening your senses through fasting, focusing your attention through contemplation, and praying with sacred images.

Presented from an ecumenical perspective, Fr. Ciorra’s audio course emphasizes the deep theology behind these practices. Each method you learn will take time to develop. But the longer you are faithful to the practices you choose, the more the notion of “practice” will fall away, and the more you will flourish.

Find the inner peace your heart yearns for today.

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  • Tom McGowan
  • 2019/10/17

Ciorra at his best!

Fr. Ciorra combines a remarkable rich understanding of Christian spiritual practices with a wisdom into how to live the Christian life well. Much of what's available on spirituality is fluff. I found his talks educational, spiritually edifying and inspiring. I highly recommend this especially to Catholics who are seeking to energize their faith.