• Spelling Sight Words for Grades 3-4

  • Learn How to Spell and Pronounce Sight Words to Improve Vocabulary Skills and Challenge Kids in a Fun and Interactive Way!
  • 著者: Jillian Miles
  • ナレーター: Kandis Mortensen
  • 再生時間: 1 時間
  • 完全版 オーディオブック
  • カテゴリー: 絵本・児童書, 教育・学習


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¥ 900 で購入



Help your child master the key skill that will make them a faster and more fluent reader.

Do you want your child to develop a love for reading that they’ll take with them into adulthood?

Do you want them to build a vast vocabulary that will make them eloquent communicators and confident speakers?

Try teaching them sight words - words that are meant to be recognized instantly by sight without the need to pause and think about it.

These words account for up to 75 percent of words used in young children’s books and other printed materials.

Learning just a few sight words can help your child understand much of the content they’re consuming.

By equipping your child with this knowledge, not only will they gain more confidence when reading, they’ll also be more inspired and motivated to read more.

In this audiobook, your child will find just the right selection of sight words that will challenge them and keep their minds stimulated.

In Spelling Sight Words for Grades 3-4, you’ll discover:

  • 100+ everyday sight words for your child to practice pronunciation and spelling
  • Clear and engaging guided audio that’s kid-friendly and easy to follow along to
  • New words to add to your child’s ever-growing vocabulary - they’re on their way to becoming a wordsmith!
  • A light learning activity to supplement your child’s formal education and help them practice new skills
  • A constructive way to enhance your child’s listening skills and help them pay attention

And much more.

Learning outside of school doesn’t have to feel like a chore and it doesn’t have to mean staring at books all day.

Develop your child’s love for words, language, and reading and be amazed by how much they absorb.

To give your child the advantages of a wide vocabulary, strong writing and speaking skills, and self-confidence: Buy this audiobook now.

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My kids loved this! Also, The narrator is very clear and the quality is great. Will purchase the one for my Kindergartner as well.