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There is nothing more universal than the concept of a soul. Your soul is of pure love, of pure energy, connectedness and oneness. We have one God.

It’s why we are here. We are not just beating hearts. There has to be something most essential to life. What is the language of the soul? Traditional Chinese medicine has described this energy as “Qi” for over 3,000 years. Qigong uses energy and movement to balance the energy. The indigenous tribes have always used energy in a similar way.

This audiobook defines the soul as "the God within". You can feel it in your heart. You have a soul that is energy rather than matter, and your soul reincarnates within you lifetime after lifetime. The fact that you are reading this now suggests that you have had many lives. You are an old soul and have had thousands of lives. You have God within. We all do. When you come to earth, you take part of your soul with you. The rest will be there for you when you return to heaven. The purpose of this audiobook is to help you connect with your soul. Your relationship with your soul is the most important one you have. It’s especially poignant in this exciting time, as planet Earth is going through an energy shift to a higher dimension. Stay tuned!

This audiobook is part of a series on spirituality and new-age healing. The backbone belief of all these audiobooks is that you live in a vibrational universe and that you are an eternal spiritual being having a human existence. You get what you focus on in life. When you focus on the God within rather than the stresses of modern life, you feel connected to your source. This alignment with source enables you to create what you want through your intuition.

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