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Whether you are about to start your first business or are a veteran running your own small business, this book has something for you. We often find ourselves working hard in the business and not on the business. The same grind day in and day out often cause tunnel vision. Most of you, I am sure, can relate to this issue, as I have suffered from tunnel vision many times in my own businesses.

 Let’s take a bird’s eye view of your business and see how we can make some tiny changes and make your business thrive.

Confused about why your small business is struggling? What if you could simply dial 911 for your small business problems? Good news: My book, Small Business 911, is here to help—a directory of quick, practical advice at your fingertips on common small business problems.

Over the past 26 years, I have owned dozens of small businesses: gas stations, fast food, restaurants, pizza delivery, dry cleaning, etc. entrepreneurs and major corporations have hired me to turn around their failing businesses. Needless to say, I’ve learned a few things. For one, there are many challenges that all small businesses face, regardless of industry—such as financial challenges, training employees, marketing and branding, and the like.

As a passion project, I started a blog to help other entrepreneurs. Over the years, their questions and stories inspired me to address specific pain points. Here, I share my hard-bought wisdom to help you identify and shore up weak areas of your small business. You’ll find dozens of practical examples of how to do free or low-cost marketing, easy and effective promotions, improve visibility, and streamline costs to increase profit.

Since financial challenges are so common, I have a step-by-step guide on applying for a bank loan, finding funding sources, and putting together a solid business plan.

Believe me: Success often comes after failure. If you listened to my podcast or read my blog, then you know I am the living proof of that. If you have a good vision and a strong work ethic, I truly believe you can make it in business, but you must stay focused and know when to try something new.

Together we will identify and address your business’s pain points. We’ll discuss everything from business plan to marketing, staffing, customer service, partnerships, selling tools, and boosting your profits.

In this book, you will find:

  • Nine reasons small businesses fail
  • Four steps to boost sales by 25 percent in 60 Days
  • Nine parts of a solid business plan, plus a sample cover letter
  • Getting to the root of your business’s pain points
  • Overcoming cash flow issues, overhead costs, staff issues, theft, and competition
  • How to finance a new business
  • Types of partnerships and sponsors
  • Choosing a brand and a niche customer base
  • How to set up your business structure
  • The legal and financial aspects of your new business
  • Guidelines on running your business daily
  • How to grow your business with marketing and advertising
  • Proven methods to motivate employees to sell more
  • Increasing sales, streamlining costs, lowering overhead
  • Harnessing the power of online selling and marketing

Overall, the basic goal of this book is to help you identify your pain points and give you some useful answers to solving those issues and succeeding in your small business.

If you’re interested in gas station businesses, check out my podcast and my book How to Start, Run and Grow a Successful Gas Station Business. If you’d like a quick guide to increasing your sales and profits, check out my book Sales Genie: Retail Marketing 101.

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