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This is the third book in a series of novellas that explore the world of the mercenary and the challenges they face keeping evil from overrunning society. 

"Domestic Guard" - Angel cannot board a plane back to her West Texas home while this child's horrible murder remains unsolved in a potter's grave. 

"Wayward Merc" - Peter Altront, Megs, and Emily join forces in Mexico to recover two kidnapped women and bring down an evil international kidnapping ring. At the very start, they find their mission compromised by another sniper. 

"Lost Soul" - This is my final testament to a life lived as I chose. I leave it to others to judge the value of my purpose and actions. I believe that I was born to be a soldier and I will die as a soldier on the battlefield. 

"Brother Oh Brother" - What happens when evil shows up at the doorstep of your sibling? This is the tale of one mercenary's response to a contract to kill his brother. 

"Recruiting" - When a soldier being considered for recruitment by WCM goes missing, Sarge takes action. Gathering his best including Angel and Blue, they travel to the Middle East and Europe to solve the MIA report covered up by their own government. 

Who will stand the line and protect us from evil?  Who will protect the ones who cannot defend themselves?  The Shadow Soldier holds back the darkness so that we may live in the light. 

©2018 William C. Joyce III (P)2020 Willam C. Joyce III

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