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Self-Love Always

著者: C. J. Bond
ナレーター: Madeline Starr


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¥500 で購入



Self-love is not a luxury, but a necessity. There are hundreds of studies that prove the importance of self-love in stellar mental well-being. But, loving yourself is so much more than treating yourself to a day off work, a shopping trip, or a day at the spa.

The dictionary defines self-love as regard for one’s own well-being and happiness. In practice, the act of self-love includes taking actions that support our physical, psychological, and spiritual growth. It implies putting yourself first because you understand and respect your worth. Unfortunately, we often overlook the importance of self-love. We accept it as a concept and that’s as far as we’re willing to go to actually include self-love in our lives. Often times, we love others more than we love ourselves, we settle for less, we can’t say no to toxic people and situations, without realizing that we’re disregarding our own worth. One of the most powerful ways to encourage self-love is through affirmations.

Self-Love Always is a powerful audiobook filled with 38 affirmations that will change your life by teaching you to always put yourself in high regard. It proves that you are enough. It shows that you’re your own home. It reminds you not to allow anyone to steal your power. This audiobook screams that you’re uniquely beautiful - always! Start practicing self-love with these heartwarming affirmations, and you will:

  • Change the way you talk to yourself: Stop judging yourself and instead start talking to and about yourself with appreciation and love
  • Learn to prioritize yourself: Setting healthy boundaries with people, trusting your gut, and recognizing your self-worth
  • Be true to yourself: Know what you want, what you think, and what you feel and take actions based on sound judgment and pure emotion
  • Practice self-care: Make room for healthy habits by falling in love with taking care of your mental and physical state

And, much more!

This exceptional audiobook will set you on the right path to your self-love journey.

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