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Ten classic science fiction stories.

'Alien Equivalent' - Richard R Smith

The martians were weak in body and mind, but they knew what they wanted and how to get it.

'Assignment on Venus' - Carl Jocobi

The toughest assignment was crossing the infested marshes of Venus to deliver your own reprimand.

'Battlefield in Black' - George A Whittington

The Earth is plunged into darkness, her space fleet marooned; only the newest ship, The Avenger, is able to fight back.

'Invasion' - Murray Leinster

Aliens invade and erect an impenetrable force field trapping Thorn Hard inside. Can he defeat the aliens?

'Love Among the Robots' - Emmett McDowell

Henry is monitoring experimental mining robots on an asteroid when they start behaving strangely, and his life is in danger.

'Morgue Ship' - Ray Bradbury

Morgue ships trawl the battledfields of space recovering the bodies of the fallen to return them to Earth, but sometimes they pick up something unexpected.

'The Galactic Ghost' - Mack Reynolds

The aliens landed to save mankind. Earth was doomed; they came to take off a few specially chosen people, and that’s when the trouble began.

'The Last Monster' - Gardner Fox

The last survivor of his race, Irgi appeared as a monster to the humans, but his brain was hugely advanced and beyond their understanding.

'The Moon and the Sun' - James McKimmey

The first rocket is built, the scientists dream of the stars, while warlords see a new weapon.

'The Dragon-Queen of Jupiter' - Leigh Brackett

Jupiter is a war zone: the natives fight with weapons and every biological killer the planet provides. Can humans survive?

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