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If you implement the principles in Sales Greatness, your sales success will be inevitable.

Simon Lightfield uses his years of experience as a sales coach and life coach to help you unearth your true potential for sales success.

This book builds upon the true driving forces in sales that makes sales success an inevitability.

With a focus on the way modern principles and techniques differ from past trends, Sales Greatness provides you with invaluable insights into the best ways you can maximize your sales. Whether you're looking to go to the next level or you want practical tips on adapting to new trends, Sales Greatness has something for you. Using these simple techniques, concepts, and strategies, you will begin to see improvements in your income right away.

Whether you're a skilled sales consultant or just starting out on your sales journey, this book will point you toward your personal greatness. Lightfield understands the importance of instilling positive focus in his students. This book aims to optimize your mental thought processes and to maximize efficient thinking. With the simple tools provided by Lightfield in Sales Greatness, you can instantly begin optimizing the way you view yourself and your abilities as a sales consultant.

If you're ready to unlock the eternal capacity you have for positive growth, let Sales Greatness help you get there now!

Note from author: This audiobook is completely finished and ready to listen to. It will make your sales success inevitable, but there is one sentence I want you to read in addition to the audiobook, because I think it's so important: The definition of compassion is "proactive empathy" (always make an effort to understand the other person).

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