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Hard-boiled, good-looking, and just a bit of a wise guy - that's Richard Rogue, the private investigator with the active imagination! Join movie favorite Dick Powell for 16 two-fisted adventures. Ted von Eltz costars as Lieutenant Urban, with Lurene Tuttle as Betty Callahan. Peter Leeds joins the cast as Eugor, Rogue's alter ego, who emerges only when our hero is rendered unconscious! Filling out the gallery are radio favorites Gerald Mohr, Gloria Blondell, Lou Merrill, Paul Frees, Harry Bartell, Jay Novello, Virginia Gregg, and more.

Episodes include: Blondes Prefer Gentlemen 10-04-45; Little Drops of Rain 11-08-45; The House of Fear 11-15-45; Fortune in Furs 12-20-45; Little Grey Home 01-03-46; Anson Leeds Is Dead 01-17-46; Special Added Attraction 01-31-46; Mike Royal Case 04-04-46; Snowbound 05-09-46; The Impossible Murder 05-16-46; Blue Eyes 06-06-46; The Corpse I Didn't Kill 06-13-46; Lady with a Gun 06-30-46; Cabin on the Lake 07-07-46; Where There's a Will, There's a Murder 07-14-46; Phyllis Adrian Is Missing 06-29-47.

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Rogue's Gallery: Blue Eyesに寄せられたリスナーの声


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  • mary
  • 2019/08/24

Stop being ripped off by Audible purchase Old Time Radio programs from those sites

I've noticed this trend in Audible Old Time Radio audio books. In order to get as complete a collection as possible it is necessary to purchase OTR books of specific programs that have duplicates of other books. I stopped counting at 5 programs in this book available in another volume. This will be the last time I purchase OTR from Audible. I will now get from sites specific to that subject. I enjoy Dick Powell and the OTR shows he did. I'm rating this so low because in order to get as many as possible from Audible I have to get multiple duplicates.

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  • Chris Coyne
  • 2020/06/19


Another great detective show. Part detective and part fantasy show.Rogue is a wise cracking detective like Sam Spade or Philip Marlow or Richard Diamond. The only difference is when Rogue is hit over the head, which is almost every episode. He travels to dreamland and talks to his alter ego an Imp named Eugaor , who jokes and teases him and convinces him to wake up and solve the case. Dick Powell is great, he also goes on to play Richard Diamond in another radio show. Powell plays Rogue in 15 episodes on this audio. Barry Sullivan plays Rouge in the last episode