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The loss of an animal family member can leave you broken, disheartened, and unsure about how to move forward. Returning from the Rainbow Bridge is a compassionate guide that will walk you through this experience of loss. The audio workbook acts as a road map and a caring companion that will help navigate you and your family through your pain and loss. It is a gentle friend that understands each person’s unique situation and believes in the power of the special relationship shared with a beloved animal. 

Everyone has a special story with their animal. Each story and each relationship is unique and beautiful - something to cherish. This workbook does not suggest that you “get over” your pain and loss; instead, it provides you with a way forward with your changed reality. Within this audiobook, you will be encouraged to remember, celebrate, and honor the full life of your animal family member. Specifically, you will find: 

  • The belief that your grief and loss are real and should not be dismissed 
  • Ways to heal and move forward through unresolved grief, unforgiveness, things that you wish you had done or not done, guilt and “should haves” 
  • Considerations for supporting your animal family member with the end of their life 
  • Ways to move through the unknown when your beloved animal is missing or lost 
  • Ways to remember the entirety of your animal’s gifts and life so that the pain over their death does not overshadow your good memories with them 
  • Considerations for celebrating them and the gifts they brought into your life 
  • A guided journey where you honor your animal family member and give them the enduring legacy they deserve 
  • Guidance for being intentional and present during your last days together 
  • Proven approaches to help your child process their pain 
  • A safe space where you can openly share 

Returning from the Rainbow Bridge is your guide to rejoin the life that you deserve - the life that your animal would want for you. 

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