• Raising Your Child to Bloom

  • The Truth About Discipline, Compassionately End Tantrums and Cultivate Your Child's Developing Mind
  • 著者: Tanya J. Siegel, Caitlyn Bryson
  • ナレーター: Jaimee Moore
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『Raising Your Child to Bloom』のカバーアート

Raising Your Child to Bloom

著者: Tanya J. Siegel,Caitlyn Bryson
ナレーター: Jaimee Moore
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Have you ever wondered how you can raise your kids in the best way? Have you been searching for the right book to help you parent your kids in a healthy and loving way? Well, your search ends now because this is the right book for you. Raising your child to bloom is a brand-new book that discusses the ups and downs of parenting. The book is divided into two parts.

The first part highlights the problems parents have when they try to discipline their kids with threats and discuss the repercussions of naughty behavior. It deals with why kids misbehave, parents' emotions, and how to cultivate cooperation in the family.

The second part of the book explains how to handle basic situations that can cause chaos in a home. It also contains solutions to these common problems.

This book contains life scenarios that are common to most parents. These scenarios have been carefully analyzed and explained, along with their solutions. If you need a manual on how to enjoy parenting, don't miss out on Raising Your Child to Bloom. Various topics are carefully covered to ensure that even a person who has no idea how to parent a kid can use this book. This is your guardian angel whenever your kids are driving you insane. This is the savior for parents who are afraid of a full meltdown. This book is a gift to humanity. A decent home contributes to a suitable and safe society.

Buy now to take this journey on how to raise happy, healthy, thriving children while still keeping your sanity.

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