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This is a collection of Pamela Kelley's three sweet romances in the Quinn Valley Ranch series. This is a family saga series, set in a small Idaho town near a big lake and mountains. The books are tightly connected and feature a loving family and siblings. 

Book one - Ryder Revisited - is a second-chance romance featuring Bethany and Ryder. 

Chef Bethany Davis needs a job. Ryder Quinn needs a chef. But she'd never make his short list. 

Bethany Davis has worked in some of the most exciting restaurants in New York City. She's from Quinn Valley, a small Idaho town, and she hasn't been home for more than a few days in years. Her mother is sick, and it's a blessing in a way that her restaurant just closed and she's out of job, because now she can take as much time as she needs to be with her mom. If she's going to stay though, she needs a job ASAP. But the only option available is at Quinn's Pub, owned by her first love, Ryder, and his sister, Maggie. 

Ryder tried to put Bethany out of his mind completely when she left him so many years ago. He's desperate for a good chef, but she is the last person he'd choose. He doesn't trust that Bethany is back for good, and he's wary of getting too close and getting burned again. 

Everyone else thinks they belong together. Will the two of them ever realize it? 

Book two - Calling Charlie, a personal favorite, inspired by a work situation years ago, featuring Maggie and Charlie. 

Maggie Quinn loves her role as bartender and co-owner of Quinn’s. Calling Charlie Keane to place her weekly order is something she looks forward to. It’s no secret to her friends and family that Maggie has a crush on Charlie’s voice. She’s eager to meet him in person - but Charlie keeps rescheduling their business lunch. He enjoys their weekly calls too but is afraid that when they meet, Maggie will be disappointed. But he may have waited too long - Maggie has started dating someone new. Is it too late for Charlie? 

Book three - Hannah's Home 

Hannah Keane is tired of being on the road. She's eager to move home to Quinn Valley and live a quiet life, writing music and teaching workshops and classes at the local kids' center. But there's also another reason she doesn't want anyone, especially the media, to know where she is. 

David Quinn is the last of Marcia Quinn's five children to settle down, and he doesn't seem to be in any hurry to find love. The very last person on his list would be Hannah Keane, who seemed to look down her nose at him the last time she saw him, like she did back when they were in high school. But as he begins to realize that maybe he was wrong about Hannah, he also starts to worry that something else is going on, something that Hannah is running from and that she won't be able to stay in Quinn Valley after all. 

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