• QAnon and the Battle for Your Mind

  • History and Evolution of the Conspiracy Theory, How They Are Using the Media to Influence You, and What You Can Do to Protect Yourself
  • 著者: Oscar Wilson
  • ナレーター: Joe Wosik
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『QAnon and the Battle for Your Mind』のカバーアート

QAnon and the Battle for Your Mind

著者: Oscar Wilson
ナレーター: Joe Wosik
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Are you a conspiracy theory buff and want to know about QAnon and how we are being brainwashed by them?

Would you like to know how QAnon works specifically, and would like to protect yourself from their twisted agendas?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, keep reading...

Conspiracy theories have always been around. Some are benign, while others are more sinister and seek to create rampant social disorder and chaos. QAnon is the latter.

Gaining a foothold in recent years, it is said to have infiltrated the highest political offices. What has accelerated its pervasiveness is the effectiveness of modern communication methods, including social media.

This eye-opening book will help you delve deeper and understand conspiracy theories, QAnon in particular, and how they operate and infiltrate the offices of influences and power.

Here’s a preview of this fantastic book, and what else you’ll discover:

  • What are the origins and history of conspiracy theories
  • The most popular conspiracy theories around today
  • How are you being manipulated by conspiracy theories
  • What is QAnon, how did they come about, what are their beliefs
  • How they use technology to dramatically expand their reach
  • What strategies do they use and what are the sources they use to gain credibility
  • The popular conspiracies at the center of QAnon’s work
  • And much more!

You just need to look around you and you can spot QAnon and the misinformation that they are spreading. Sadly, as you’ll discover in this crucial book, people get manipulated and take them seriously.

So, to understand the manipulative regime of QAnon and take control of your life, scroll up and click the “buy now” button, and let’s get started!

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