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A benevolent, ever-present higher power is the premise and the origin of this book. 

This omniscient, all-knowing power guides and directs all who seek and listen to him. He will lead you to your best self, no matter your current situation. Until you connect your heart or inner spirit with your external actions, you may find you have little or no lasting control over your life.

Purging to Thrive helps you reach for your best self with an emphasis on eradicating major enemies to success: fear, anger, anxiety, indecisiveness, and on and on. In the first stage of any self-improvement regimen, there must be an appreciation that lasting, positive change must be transformative and not necessarily remedial. There should be an understanding of why things are happening, looking objectively and subjectively at behaviors to identify fruitless habits that may hinder growth. Change of this magnitude must begin with an inside-out approach rather than outside-in. The theme throughout is to get beyond life’s extraneous noises, social media, and naysayers and peel back the many layers of selves that others labeled you - you need to discover who you are. 

This book is not just another self-help guide. It is a tool to assist you in unearthing and spotlighting several goals - busting distractions that may hinder sustained success.

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