• Psalms for Peaceful Sleep: Volume 2

  • Christian Bible Verses Meditation for Kids, Children and Adults for Sleeping, Comfort Through Anxiety in Bedtime, and Full Rest and Relaxation. Authorized KJV Version.
  • 著者: Moshe Euangelion
  • ナレーター: Larry Oblander
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『Psalms for Peaceful Sleep: Volume 2』のカバーアート

Psalms for Peaceful Sleep: Volume 2

著者: Moshe Euangelion
ナレーター: Larry Oblander


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¥900 で購入



This is Psalms for Peaceful Sleep Audiobook: Volume Two. It has been prayerfully put together to help you experience God’s gift of peace and restful sleep. The book of Psalms is an inspiring and beautiful collection of divine poetry. Throughout the ages, many faithful children of God found security, peace, and rest by listening to the Psalms. 

As I read to you from the Book of Psalms, I invite you to relax and enter into God’s peace and rest. Let go of your anxieties and worries. Put down your burdens. Release your stress. As you inhale and exhale, remember that God’s protection is upon you. I invite you to close your eyes and enter into a deep sleep and full relaxation as the holy words from the Book of Psalms will be spoken over you. 

All the Bible reference in this book are based on the King James Version, also known as the Authorized Version. This particular English translation was published in the 17th century and is in Shakespearean English. There are recent translations that are widely used in English-speaking countries, but they are copyrighted and remain unavailable for projects such as ours. 

While Shakespearean English may sound a bit different than what you are used to hearing in our daily lives, you may be pleasantly surprised that you are able to understand the vast majority of the archaic expressions. Regardless of the translation, the Bible is the inspired Word of God and we are confident that you will benefit by hearing the words spoken over you.

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