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  • . . . A Peep Into the 'How' of Praying
  • 著者: Pst Tomowo
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『Prayer Dynamics ...』のカバーアート

Prayer Dynamics ...

著者: Pst Tomowo
ナレーター: Dale Rich


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PRAYER DYNAMICS... A Peep into the 'HOW' of Praying

I sure have been a victim of praying and praying and praying… for many years with no results nor answers to show for my prayers!   

Until the Lord stepped in, in His Mercies, Thank GOD, He intervened, and showed me that it is ‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit’….Says the Lord of host.’ (Zechariah 4:6 NKJV).  

I sure have prayed…Thank GOD, I waited, for what I now know, and the worth of what is now shown me, worth all the waiting!  

Prayer Dynamics… A peep into the ‘HOW’ of praying!  Many stumble on answers to prayers, and rejoice; however, due to a lack of understanding of the ‘HOW’ they got there, it becomes difficult to replicate the same again in future needs.

There is the ‘HOW’ of praying…  

What is the ‘HOW’ in praying?

The Different kinds and Levels of Prayers.

Is it possible to enjoy Answers to Prayers Always?

Why get a Prayer Journal when you don't know the 'How' of Praying?

Your Prayer list is about to encounter a Divine visitation!

All of these, in Prayer Dynamics… a peep into the ‘HOW’ of praying.  This Prayer Companion will set you on a higher realm with God!

Warning!!!... This book will spur you to create your miracles!

Are you ready, click on the Buy Button above and hear for yourself! We await your testimonies, don't forget to share!Shalom.

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