• Persuasion

  • The Ultimate Guide to Having Influence and Understanding Human Behavior, Including Manipulation Techniques and Ways to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence
  • 著者: Mark Dudley
  • ナレーター: Sam Slydell
  • 再生時間: 7 時間 17 分





著者: Mark Dudley
ナレーター: Sam Slydell


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¥2,500 で購入



If you want to learn how to keep the interest of other people and get them on your side, then pay attention....

Two manuscripts in one audiobook: 

  • Persuasion: What You Need to Know About Influence, Manipulation Techniques, Dark Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Human Behavior, Deception, Negotiation, NLP, Mind Control, and Real Social Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence: Unlock the Secrets to Boosting Your EQ, Social Skills, Charisma, Influence and Self Awareness, Including Highly Effective Communication Tips for Persuading People

Are you sick and tired of always trying to do what is right and succeed in social settings? 

Have you tried endless other solutions, but nothing seems to work for more than a few weeks? 

Do you finally want to say goodbye to failed relationships, lost sales, and professional struggles, and discover something which works for you? 

If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

Some of the topics covered in part one of this audiobook include: 

  • Human behavior-analysis and what it is
  • How to influence and persuade others
  • How to negotiate successfully, and when not to negotiate
  • How real social skills and developing them can be far more beneficial than anything else when it comes to getting what you want
  • And much, much more

Some of the topics covered in part two of this audiobook include: 

  • Where did the emotions come from
  • Five key skills for developing emotional intelligence
  • amplifier of emotions of joy - a resource that is always with you
  • Anger management - emotional resilience in conflict
  • Managing fear, and how to develop courage
  • Inspiration - where is your enthusiasm “start” button
  • Anatomy of the feeling of resentment - the recipe for radical forgiveness
  • And much, much more

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