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Trust me, having a baby in your house is probably one of the most joyful moments you will ever experience as a parent. Even fighting couples take a break from being on each other’s necks as they cherish that lovely gift from above. I don’t intend to cut your joy or optimism short - rather, I want to alert you to the fact that parenting is not just a single-day experience that you get to enjoy the day your little one is born. This process actually stretches for years, mostly running to over twenty years - as you will be helping your child through all development stages until they are done with college and have found that first job.

While your child is going through all those stages, you will be busy making sure that they are comfortable at every stage. Your job is to ensure that your child has at least the same chances of making it in life as an average child. But setting up things for your child so that he or she walks that journey seamlessly does not come easy. It's never only about the money as many parents these days may believe.

They only throw money at their kids and expect them to figure out teenage pressure, their first period, their first romance, and so forth on their own. A parent is obliged to provide support, wisdom, and comfort to their child. Money only makes things accessible as your child grows, but it won’t help them make sound decisions. As you already see, parenting is so demanding.

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