• Painfully Beautiful

  • A Light Workers Journey
  • 著者: Erica Spencer
  • ナレーター: Madeline Starr
  • 再生時間: 2 時間 24 分


『Painfully Beautiful』のカバーアート

Painfully Beautiful

著者: Erica Spencer
ナレーター: Madeline Starr


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¥900 で購入



Painfully Beautiful a light worker's journey is a story about a misunderstood child. One who was very in touch with nature and their intuition. One that was born into a toxic environment and expected to find her way through life to safety. Painfully beautiful sheds light on how as a child we are curious and open to receiving information intuitively through nature and somehow heavily pressured and programmed away from our intuition in order to survive socially and physically in society.

As a child with extra sensory abilities heightened from childhood trauma and neglect, the child must then try to make it through life with higher consciousness and extra emotional suffering to process in a culture that hasn’t learned how to process emotions effectively or intuitively.

Being highly connected in a disconnected society, Erica was determined to find ways to fix the flaws in the cultural programming that seemed to be causing more suffering for everyone in the end.

She couldn’t be herself as she stood out and was bullied and she couldn’t operate by the system because it tortured her heart to do so, so instead, she educated herself and followed her soul to what would allow her to turn her pain into beauty to share with the world to help others turn their pain into beauty too.

Erica tells her story of triumph through the last few decades to shine a light on the things that nobody else could document the same way she could. Her extra-sensory abilities with each encountered experience lead her to tie together a unique education that helped her to develop a knowing that she believes will help humanity heal and expand and ultimately help alleviate the suffering that humanity continues to carry.

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