• Own Your Career: The Career of Consequence

  • Finding What Serves You
  • 著者: Drake Elliott
  • ナレーター: Nicholas Vespia
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『Own Your Career: The Career of Consequence』のカバーアート

Own Your Career: The Career of Consequence

著者: Drake Elliott
ナレーター: Nicholas Vespia


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What if your job was something you looked forward to every day? Something that got you excited each morning?

Are you someone who feels truly fulfilled with their career?

If you’re anything like the 53 percent of Americans who are unhappy with their workplace, then the answer to this above question is probably a “no”.

Fifty-three percent! Let’s think about that for a minute...

You see the truth is, most people do not actually own their careers. Rather, their careers own them.

Maybe you’ve chosen your industry because it sounded cool while you were in college, or because it’s what your parents wanted you to do. Maybe it was the one thing that was going to make you some big money? Or maybe you simply had no idea what you wanted to do with your life at such a young age and now here you are?

Thing is, if any of the above questions sound all too familiar to you, then your career probably isn’t actually serving you.

In the 21st-century, having a career that truly excites you and leaves you feeling completely fulfilled at the end of each day is no longer the stuff of fairy tales.

So, are you ready for a major upgrade in your life? Are you ready to enter the field of work you’ve always dreamed of? Are you willing to take the necessary steps in order to get yourself out of your current position? Ready to feel as if you are valuable and purposeful?

Or maybe you truly do enjoy your work and are simply trying to prepare for a big interview that is coming your way soon. Either way, you’ve come to the right place.

In Own Your Career: The Career of Consequence: Finding What Serves You you’ll discover:

  • The undeniable importance of having a well-established career
  • The number 1 way to determine if your career is serving you
  • Why having a fulfilling career results directly in increased happiness
  • Scientifically proven strategies for finding your purpose in life
  • The role of networking and social skills in acquiring the job of your dreams
  • Proven strategies for standing out above your co-workers
  • The path to managing your current job while looking for a new one
  • And more!

Put the days of simply clocking in and out so that you have enough money to pay the bills behind you.

It’s time for you to establish a career for yourself that you are truly excited about. Something you can’t wait to tell your friends and family during the holidays. Something that leaves you feeling like you have control of your life!

If you want insight on how to acquire the career that works for your purpose and passion now, then buy this audiobook now.

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