• North Woods Survival: Train to Nowhere

  • North Woods Survival Series, Book 2
  • 著者: Jess Walker
  • ナレーター: John Flaherty
  • 再生時間: 1 時間 35 分


『North Woods Survival: Train to Nowhere』のカバーアート

North Woods Survival: Train to Nowhere

著者: Jess Walker
ナレーター: John Flaherty
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Three-part book series—Part 1: The Arrival

Bloodied and barely conscious, a teenage boy wakes up at the side of a railway track in the middle of nowhere. It’s night and the dead of winter–bone-chillingly cold. Where he is and how he got there, he doesn’t remember. Nor does he remember anything else for that matter–not even his own name. The only clue left behind is a backpack covered in a foot of snow lying next to him. The one thing he knows for sure is that if he doesn’t get up and start moving, he’s going to freeze to death.

Luckily, he knows a thing or two about wilderness survival. With only the contents found in the backpack and the winter gear he’s wearing, he relies on his bushcraft skills to overcome the deadly cold. Hypothermia, dehydration, starvation, and the unfathomable force of mother nature all test his physical and mental limits. But just when he thinks he’s in the clear, a new danger threatens him–one that he doesn’t see coming until it’s almost too late.

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