『Nine Realms Saga: Volume I』のカバーアート

Nine Realms Saga: Volume I

著者: Ken Lange
ナレーター: Andrew Pond, Paul Clewell
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The four horsemen of the apocalypse aren't who you believe them to be.

In the beginning, there was peace. Then, a sickness spread through the Nine Realms, corrupting the very fabric of reality. Those affected by the contagion turned on the rest, sparking the Great War.

Eventually, it all burned. Everything and everyone ceased to exist.

The powers that be weren’t content to let things die and vanish, however. They changed the set pieces and events to alter the outcome. It didn’t help. While the story played out differently, the result was the same. They tried over and over again, only to be met with enough failures to equal the number of stars in the sky.

Now, for better or worse, the four horsemen have decided to unite, ensuring this time will be different from all the others.

Follow their journey in this epic tale through time and space grounded firmly in today's reality.

The Nine Realms Saga, Origins I-IV represents the complete story for the first arc of the Nine Realms Saga which will continue in future audiobooks. The next audiobook in the Nine Realms Saga will pick up some years after the events in Penumbra. This omnibus contains Accession of the Stone Born, The Wanderer Awakens, Sleipnir's Heart, and Rise of the Storm Bringer.

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