• Never Kiss Your Best Friend

  • 著者: Sumrit Shahi
  • ナレーター: Kavita Kaul
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『Never Kiss Your Best Friend』のカバーアート

Never Kiss Your Best Friend

著者: Sumrit Shahi
ナレーター: Kavita Kaul


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Getting attracted to a close friend of the opposite sex is very common these days. This often leaves us in a dilemma of how we want to define this relationship and take it forward. Would you want to stay in the friend zone or take the plunge and end up being more than just 'friends'? Never Kiss your Best Friend elaborates on this confusion lying within many youthful hearts and will rekindle your memory of all the crazy and stupid things that you have done in your teenage years.

This comes as good news for all those contemporary young readers who just were left wanting for more after the author's last release, Just Friends. Following the same tone, this book delivers much more than desired. The writer takes forward the story of Tania and Sumer, how they met and the intricacies of the craziness which follows on their emotional journey; a journey which sees their infatuation grow into something treading towards an unexpected climax.

Never Kiss your Best Friend is a sequel to his earlier novel Just Friends, which narrates what happens when Tania Brar, a headstrong and impulsive girl reunites with her best friend, Sumer Singh Dhillon, after a gap of five years. The narration of these multiple incidents is gripping and interesting. The book redefines the rules of friendship between two best friends. Written in an easy to understand and friendly tone, you will be able to relate with the characters in the book if you've ever experienced a close friendship. It lays out a long list of crazy things like dancing with her in your boxers, crying on his shoulder when you break up, boring her with football talk at 3 a.m. and a lot more. The book also posts a staggering question. What happens when it doesn't work out between you and your best friend? Will you lose out on this friendship as well?

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