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Nobody talks about my mother. Absolutely nobody. I have no idea what she was like. I’d always thought they kept quiet about her because they were sad. But what if it was because they were guilty? 

I watch them at the school gates, all the mothers with their daughters. I see the hugs and all those thoughtful little adjustments to scarves and ponytails. How their love seems to overflow, they have so much of it to give. 

And then I walk home to my aunt’s cold house, where there are a hundred rules for me to follow and only a single photograph of my mother to look at. 

She is never spoken about in this house. They tell me that it will be easier if I don’t think about her. 

It is strange though, isn’t it? That I know nothing about my own mother? 

But they don’t know about the diary I’ve found up in the loft. Maybe they even forgot it was there. It doesn’t matter anymore if they won’t tell me anything. Because within these pages is what I’ve waited 14 years to find out. And maybe some things I wish I could forget. 

All I wanted was to bring our family closer together, but could what I find tear us apart instead? 

A heartbreaking and powerful novel about family secrets and how we live with decisions we never thought we would have to make. Perfect for fans of Jodi Picoult, Kate Hewitt, and Amanda Prowse. 

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My Mother's Choiceに寄せられたリスナーの声


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  • 2020/08/03

What happened to Helen Duff!

The story was interesting and worth reading but what happened to Helen Duff's narrating? Shes my favorite by far, so i had to keep listening but I've never heard her voice sound like that! Way too over dramatic. So,with that said... I could of been better off buying the book and reading manually.