『My Heart to Keep』のカバーアート

My Heart to Keep

著者: S.B. Alexander
ナレーター: Heather Downey, Parker Douglass


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¥2,500 で購入



Love is not a game.


A summer bash on the farm kicks off our official year as seniors. It’s my first time hosting a party, and it’s sure to be the talk of the school when we return in the fall. But a brawl is not what I had in mind for people to remember. To make matters worse, senior year erupts with a bang, and I mean literally. Pranks and mayhem break out, and the blame is pinned on me.

None of that matters when my life takes a turn I’m not expecting. Senior year is supposed to be fun and exciting, and mine is anything but, especially when I turn to Maiken for a shoulder to cry on, and he’s not there.

I can’t worry about him. I have my own problems, and if I can’t crawl out from under them, I might lose everything important to me.


My basketball season was toast last year due to my injury, and I vow to do everything in my power to have the perfect season. I can’t afford to screw up if I want scouts to notice me.

But I also want to let loose and enjoy my senior year. That means hanging with my girl Quinn and taking things to the next level in our relationship. Only, her idea of having fun doesn’t match mine.

We’re on two different paths, going in opposite directions, especially when I learn that my mom has plans to ship my siblings and me to a private academy.

Now, I have a decision to make, and if I make the wrong choice, then I could lose Quinn. Although if I stay, I’m not sure we’ll be dating anymore.

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