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While plenty of compelling running books exist globally, never before has one book taken such a holistic approach to such a focused aspect of the sport: motivation and affirmation, vital components for runners. The book offers inspirational tips from runners of all levels, whether you are lacing up your running shoes for a daily jog or trying to break through The Wall on your way to the finish line at a marathon. It has curated lists of inspirational songs (like Heroes, Stronger, and Sabotage), movies (like Hoosiers, Rocky, and Chariots of Fire), and quotations (from everyone from Albert Camus to Grete Waitz). The book details stories behind some of the sport’s most valiant practitioners (including Terry Fox, Zoe Koplowitz, Fred Lebow, and the Greek messenger Pheidippedes, whose legendary run from Marathon to Athens supposedly is the namesake of today’s 26.2-mile race – but did it ever really happen?).

It also has a roundtable discussion from runners ranging from recreational to ultra on the joys and challenges of running and so much more. A special feature of the book is that it includes questions at the end of each chapter challenging runners to dig deep within themselves to answer the same queries the author has posed to runners throughout the book, including: Why do you run? What do you love about running? What are your own most effective ways to motivate yourself? Is it ever OK to drop out of a race? Who are your own heroes, and how do they motivate you as a runner? How do you battle through injuries psychologically? What would you say and do if a doctor advised you never to run again? The result is a profound and participatory book that takes a unique approach to running, and reinforces the notion that it is a thinking person’s sport that – despite the formidable challenges it presents and the storied legend of the loneliness of the long-distance runner – brings so much joy to so many people, through generational bonding, a sense of community, a special relationship with nature, relief from stress, an escape from the pressures of daily life, the ability to control at least one aspect of your life, the knowledge that you are doing something healthy and life-affirming, and finally and perhaps most significantly of all, a sense of accomplishment over something that you have achieved completely on your own.

The iconic runner Steve Prefontaine once said that running isn’t about speed; it’s about courage. This book is a provocative, thoughtful, and ultimately inspiring book that celebrates the valor of those who choose to run, challenging themselves to dig down deep insides and excavate a level of determination and grit that rivals those of any other sport. In the words of rocker Ryan Adams’s 2014 song “I Keep Running”: “I’m faster than the pain/that’s running through my veins/And you can’t break my heart if you don’t know my name/I keep running.” If you’re a runner and this book doesn’t keep you running, we’re not sure anything will.

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