• Minimalism: Minimalism for Beginners. How to Live Happy While Needing Less in This Modern Material World

  • 著者: Ito Watanabe
  • ナレーター: Jim D Johnston
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¥ 1,900 で購入



Imagine having more time and energy to do what you love. Minimalism will help you reduce your stress levels, pointless distractions, and even improve your overall mental health, well-being, and happiness. 

Do you want to live a simpler way of life?

Are you tired of all the clutter around you?

Are you finally realizing that owning more stuff does not equate to happiness?

With minimalism, the less you have, the better!

Here is a fraction of what you will learn in this audiobook:

  • The one thing that could ruin your journey to Minimalism
  • The advantages of using minimalism in your life
  • Easy ways to start using minimalism in your life
  • The secret to applying minimalism without losing your friends 
  • Money management tips for a successful minimalist lifestyle
  • Can managing technology help you on your minimalist lifestyle?
  • Different methods of organizing and decluttering
  • Tips to help you implement minimalism daily and longterm
  • The only thing you need to do daily for your minimalism lifestyle to be a success long term!

Edward Norton, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Meg Ryan are just a few on the celebrities who have publicly announced their love for the minimalism lifestyle and décor. In fact research has shown that the average person spends 12 days per year looking for things they can’t find around their own house.

So if you want to decrease your stress levels and improve your overall well-being and happiness while saving money then get this audiobook nowand start your minimalism journey today!

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