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Do you wonder why you are not enchanted with meditation? Have you tried to meditate alone or listened to a guided meditation? Have you prayed? At some level, are you scared of giving up control to someone else? Are you happy with your life?

Is meditation the key to leading the life of your dreams? Did you know there is such a thing as a “brain orgasm”? When you quiet the conscious mind, your sacred mind - or your soul, inner being, God within - rises to the surface. You are vibrationally aligned with your source. In this state, you are in mastery. You can create anything in your life, but you have to be aligned with it. You will always manifest what you believe. There is amazing new research done by monitoring people’s brain imaging scans while they experience meditation. Meditators have long known about the nirvana of meditation. We now have the science that complements their understanding.

In this audiobook, there are exercises to increase awareness, raise consciousness and feel the awesome power of connecting your heart to your brain as you work your abdominal muscles. The pineal gland in the center of your forehead is described here. You may never have thought about it. It’s believed to be the center of your psychic awareness. This audiobook is part of a series of books on spirituality and new age healing. The backbone belief of all these books is that you live in a vibrational universe and that you are a spiritual being in human form. You get what you focus on in life. When you focus on the God within rather than the stresses of modern life, you feel connected to your source. Alignment with source enables you to create what you want through your intuition.

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