『Meditating Entrepreneurs: Creating Success from the Stillness Within』のカバーアート

Meditating Entrepreneurs: Creating Success from the Stillness Within

著者: Hal Goldstein
ナレーター: Hal Goldstein, Jeffrey Hedquist, Janet Attwood, Ed Malloy, Betsy Howland, George Foster, Ron Bovard, Jim Davis, Steven Winn, Monica Hadley, Peter Huggins, Eva Norlyk Smith, Francis Thicke, Shawn Brogan-Diddy
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"Hal Goldstein has transformed his powerful, popular business school course, “The Successful Entrepreneur” into a must-read book for aspiring entrepreneurs. The reader can’t help but assimilate that inner peace and outer abundance go hand-in-hand, and that anything is possible when starting with the stillness experienced from the daily practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique." (Vicki Alexander Herriot, Dean of Faculty, Chair Department of Management, Maharishi University of Management)


Do you doubt that it’s possible to build a business, make money, and grow spiritually at the same time?

Explore story after story in Meditating Entrepreneurs and transform your thinking. You will discover that you have what it takes to create a life of joy and abundance.

Fifteen entrepreneurs, committed to their inner development and a peaceful world, share their wisdom of inner bliss and outer success. These TM meditators tell their empowering stories of moving to rural Iowa for enlightenment and world peace and creating extraordinary businesses from nothing:

  • Fred Gratzon served his People Magazine’s “Best Ice Cream in America” to President Reagan and Michael Jordan.
  • Janet Attwood teaches people to find their life purpose.
  • Fairfield’s entrepreneurial mayor Ed Malloy helped transform a quiet, rural, Iowa town into an entrepreneurial entertainment Mecca.
  • Betsy Howland used healthy meals and used books to create a place for the community to gather.
  • George Foster went from starving artist to leading book cover designer.
  • Ron Bovard formed a community of artists that created heavenly stained glass.
  • Jim Davis built a business taking photos of personal triumph.
  • Steven Winn made, lost, and made millions of dollars.
  • Peter Huggins put people first in numbers-oriented businesses.
  • Monica Hadley partnered with brilliant entrepreneurs to create five businesses and two non-profits.
  • Eva Norlyk Smith trains Yoga teachers online.
  • Hal Goldstein published magazines about mobile devices.
  • Soil scientist Frances Thicke turned his organic dairy farm into an experiment for transforming agriculture.
  • Former Navy Seal and solar energy CEO Troy Van Beek created his company to end war.
  • Amy Van Beek, partnering with husband Troy, markets by promoting customers.

Listen to these stories of starting from nothing in the middle of nowhere and learn what it takes to be successful.

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