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Mars. The Red Planet. Bringer of war, the God of war itself. The planet that gave birth to the modern era of science fiction when H.G. Wells gazed upon the red light in the night sky and envisioned an army gathering upon its plains to invade our world. These are the stories of Mars. Stories of adventure, conflict, and war.

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  • Norma Miles
  • 2021/08/15

"Perception is reality."

Twenty short stories, ranging from a little over nine minutes to one hour twenty minutes in length, and varying in interest - though none of them were poor. An anthology of this sort is a great way to possibly discover an new and favourite author.
The titles are:-
- The Martian Princess : J.Barneson
- The Decision : Shaun Patrick Hazelit
- To open the Gate :Emily Jerome
- S.T.Valid : K.M.Carol
- Invaders on Mars : John Mullison
- Rebirth : Julie Thropp
- Body is Takeover : Kai Wai Chad
- Beware the Dawn : Dawn Whitskey
- The C!McLeod King of Mars :C.T.Phipps
- City of the Sleepers : A.M.Freeman
- Abandoned Children : Donna Bell
- Death March of Cambreath : Dehklan Finn
- The Girl Who Died Twice : Lou Antonelli
- Coughing Fit : Benjamin Wheeler
- Ares in the Morning : Beaukera Baimley
- The Rusted Fortress : David Hawkwhist
- Bellicus : Chap Dixon
- The Human Martian, One, Two, Three: Kevin J.Anderson
- Three Billion Year Love : James Likes
- Far Away the Pale Blue Dot : Lucca DeJardins

The narrator, Gareth Richards, gives a good pefformance, though a slight pause between the conclusion of the story and the short note about the author which follows would have been allreciated.

I was fortunate in receiving a freely gifted complimentary copy of Mars Planetary Anthology 7, downloaded from Free Audiobook Codes previously provided to the site by the rights holder. My thanks to the proprietors of this excellent site.
If you enjoy S.F.or fantasy, are looking for new authors to follow or like to stargaze at the Red Planet, this is worth a read.