• Manifest the Man You Love in 28 Days

  • Use the Law of Attraction and the No Contact Rule to Attract Anyone You Desire
  • 著者: Linda West
  • ナレーター: Jennifer Jill Araya
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『Manifest the Man You Love in 28 Days』のカバーアート

Manifest the Man You Love in 28 Days

著者: Linda West
ナレーター: Jennifer Jill Araya


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¥1,900 で購入



A breakthrough audiobook on dating and divorce from best-selling law of attraction expert Linda West. A complete guided 28-day plan to manifest the love and the relationship you deserve! 

It's 2017, and if you don't understand how to stay in your own polarity, you will never find the love you desire. This audiobook will help you understand why your relationships aren't working and how you can change things around today! In 28 days after this boot camp, your life and love life will be forever changed for the better! 

Listen to this now if:

  • Your mate is losing interest.
  • You can't get your man to commit to a future together.
  • You fear a divorce is coming.
  • You think your mate may be cheating.
  • You already broke up.
  • He doesn't know you exist.
  • You can't get a second date.

If you have any of these issues, then stop and get listening to this audiobook right away! You can save your relationship or marriage even if it looks doomed. You can turn things around and have the relationship you deserve! I will show you all the secrets popular women use naturally that you don't know! There is a reason you didn't get that second date! They do know something you don't! If you have never used the law of attraction, then you have not been doing all you can do to have a better life and love life.

This 28-day guide includes daily steps to build your magnetism. I'll show you how to:

  • Be the most attractive woman you can be.
  • Use your natural female power to draw in your ex or any man you desire, including movie stars.
  • How to keep a man loving you forever.
  • Why you can't get that second date or the commitment you want.
  • How to get your ex back and make your relationship better.
  • How to get a man to marry you.
  • How to bring back the passion in your relationship.
  • How to get that cutie at the office to ask you out.
  • How to stop a divorce or breakup and turn your relationship around.
  • How to win back your lover from another person.
  • How to be a woman to whom everyone is attracted.
  • How to be the best friend and bond a man to you.
  • How to use the law of attraction to magically draw in your soul mate.
  • How to manifest anything you want, including money and power.

Has someone you love left you? Don't worry! I made this audiobook for you! I did it, and all my clients have used this same technique. It will work for you, too! Learn the secrets of the woman who have great relationships with men who adore them. Learn how you can be that man magnet!

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