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Living in the Word of God is living in abundance

You have not lived yet until you live by the Word of God, which is where our success is. It is only by faith that you can accomplish anything tangible in this life, and it is only by faith that you can access everything that Jesus has died and bought for you.

How to live this life of faith

"Use your faith on purpose" as a tool to accomplish all the great things that God has purposed for you. Begin now to use your faith on purpose to work in love, faith on purpose to forgive, faith on purpose to receive healing and deliverance from any affliction, faith on purpose for supply, faith on purpose for finances, faith on purpose for open doors, faith on purpose for promotion, and so on.

Faith is a place of possibilities

In this place of faith, we are at a level with God; we operate by His authority, ability, and resources. The life of faith is a supernatural life where there are no limitations. This is your reality, this is your place of victory as a believer in Christ, this is your place of safety, and this is your wealthy place. In this audiobook, you will learn how to cultivate and nurture your ability to live by faith; it will take you on a journey to discover how to put your faith to work for you! Be blessed as you listen!

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