• Kyle Lowry

  • The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball's All-Star Guards
  • 著者: Clayton Geoffreys
  • ナレーター: Eddie Caiazzo
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『Kyle Lowry』のカバーアート

Kyle Lowry

著者: Clayton Geoffreys
ナレーター: Eddie Caiazzo
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Learn the inspiring story of the Toronto Raptors' star point-guard Kyle Lowry!

In Kyle Lowry: The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball's All-Star Guards, you will learn the inspirational story of one of basketball's all-star guards, Kyle Lowry. The Toronto Raptors' rise in the NBA in recent years has been largely attributed to Kyle Lowry's leadership as he helped guide the Raptors to their first Atlantic Division title in several years.

Aside from fellow star guards Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook, few point guards in the NBA can score as easily as Kyle Lowry. It's no surprise Lowry was often compared to Tim Hardaway when he entered the league, as Lowry has the unique ability to not only score at will, but also make smart decisions on the floor.

Here is a preview of what is inside this book:

  • Childhood and early life
  • High school career
  • College career
  • Kyle Lowry's NBA career
  • Getting drafted and rookie campaign
  • Bounce back from injury
  • Final season in Memphis
  • First full season with the Houston Rockets
  • Becoming a starter
  • Trade to Toronto
  • Rising with the Raptors, return to the playoffs
  • First all-star season
  • Slimming down, improved conditioning, breaking through to the eastern conference finals
  • Kyle Lowry's personal life
  • Lowry's legacy and future

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