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Are your kids curious about difficult concepts such as why the is sky blue? This book will help give your child an easy-to-understand answer and avoid the dreaded barrage of "why?" with a fun, exciting, and easy-to-follow adventure. We call them science-based fairy tales or, more affectionately, 21st-century fairy tales.

With this book:

  • Capture your child's imagination with vibrant illustrations on every page of the accompanying reference guide
  • Learn more about the characters with our character expansion content
  • Quickly refresh your knowledge of why the sky is blue
  • Enjoy a bonus-track song at the end of the audiobook

This book will help you:

  • Provide a fun solution that will help your children more deeply relate to the concept when they encounter it later on in life
  • Connect with your kids and create an open atmosphere to help facilitate tricky discussions with them
  • Encourage more curious questions from your young ones!

This book has been designed and tested to help keep your kids engaged and interested - to maximize their absorption and, frankly, to make story time even more fun! Kids of different ages can enjoy this book and will listen to it again and again.

There are several important themes in this book:

  • Parents making time for their kids
  • Encouragement and positive reinforcement when kids share personal things like being scared
  • Listening, being patient with kids, and helping them understand when it comes to things that scare them

Simply listen and repeat out loud.

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  • Alina
  • 2021/09/02


love how songs are li ier and is nice to know these are still heard