• Investing Strategies 2-in-1 Value Bundle

  • Penny Stocks Trading for Beginners + How to Day Trade from Home: The #1 Box Set to Learn Investing Strategies, ... (3 Hour Crash Course Bundles, Book 4)
  • 著者: Edward Day
  • ナレーター: Jim Rising
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『Investing Strategies 2-in-1 Value Bundle』のカバーアート

Investing Strategies 2-in-1 Value Bundle

著者: Edward Day
ナレーター: Jim Rising
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Penny stocks and day trading belong together. Edward Day presents his investing strategies value bundle. 

Whoever said you shouldn’t pursue penny stock trading is wrong. 

If you’ve poked your nose through the penny stock trading world, then you have most likely seen the name Timothy Sykes pop up nearly everywhere.

If you don’t know who he is, he is a penny stock trader known for his $1.65 million earnings made through day trading, all done during his college years.

The funny part is that he wasn’t even majoring in business or finance, and yet he still managed to make a fortune within a few years despite all the negative views many have about penny stock trading.

The reason why many people have failed in the past (and continue to advocate against it) is because they view it as a get-rich-quick scheme.

With this fixed mindset, they end up losing everything they invested as a result of their impatience and unwillingness to educate themselves on the how-to’s.

Do this, and you will join them in spite.

However, if you give the time and attention penny stock trading deserves, not only will you be able to gain a new type of freedom associated with trading, but you could also turn it into a full-time job, if that's what you want out of it.

In Penny Stocks Trading for Beginners: 3 Hour Crash Course, here is just a fraction of what you will discover:

  • Step-by-step guidance on how to get started with trading penny stocks today, even if you have no prior knowledge on the mechanics of the stock market 
  • The top trading mistakes newcomers make that lose them hundreds every hour, and how you can avoid them 
  • How to find the hidden penny stock gems of the market by using these foolproof research methods 
  • The #1 thing you must do before jumping into penny stock trading to minimize risk 
  • Sure-fire trading strategies you can implement into your own unique strategy, as well as how to go about doing so 
  • What factors matter most when choosing a penny stock to invest in, allowing you to streamline the decision-making process 
  • The major red flags to look out for that will allow you to spot a penny stock scam within minutes

And much more.

Whether you already have one foot in the trading world, or you’d just like to try a new means of income possible from home, learning the ropes of penny stock trading can be accomplished by someone of any background.

With the proper tools and guidance by your side, you will be able to grasp the concept of penny stock trading within a matter of hours and evade newbie mistakes before they even arise.

Although you shouldn’t expect rapid results, the time and effort you put into it every day will pay off in the end.

As with nearly every money-earning choice you can make, determination, consistency, and patience will reap reward.

Open your world to the opportunities of penny stock trading. If you want to discover a straightforward way of earning income from home, then scroll up and click the “buy” button right now.

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