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  • 著者: Stacey Hanke
  • ナレーター: Stacey Hanke
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『Influence Redefined』のカバーアート

Influence Redefined

著者: Stacey Hanke
ナレーター: Stacey Hanke


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Do you feel confident you're a leader with influence? You may be surprised to discover you're not as influential as you think you are.

Your team is only as strong as your influence, and many leaders today are mistaken about what it means to be influential. An outdated influence paradigm, along with technological devices and distractions, is making it increasingly challenging for leaders to reach those they need to influence in order to be successful. In fact, many leaders are unwillingly and unknowingly sabotaging themselves and their influence.

In her thought-provoking Influence Redefined, Stacey Hanke introduces her powerful Influence Model, a step-by-step method for improving communication and producing the ideal type of influence - one that moves people to action long after an interaction is over. She dispels the most common influence myths and instructs leaders on how to stop sabotaging themselves in order to leave a positive, lasting impression.

Using a results-based definition of influence for individuals and organizations, Hanke successfully shows leaders how they can develop influence as a skill through self-awareness, consistency, a positive reputation, adaptability, and impact.
With insights from dozens of executives and business leaders, as well as practical how-tos and action steps, Influence Redefined will help leaders multiply and expand their influence every day, Monday to Monday.

Through Stacey Hanke, Inc., the author has provided keynotes, mentoring and training on communicating with influence to thousands of leaders across industries. She is the author of Yes You Can! and has appeared in the New York Times and SmartMoney. Hanke was recognized as one of the National Speakers Association's ''Top 6 Under 40.''

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