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Infinite Love & Money

著者: Mollie Singh,Joel Salomon
ナレーター: Mollie Singh,Joel Salomon
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"Infinite Love and Money is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand and love their partner more deeply while learning to become financially free. Mollie and Joel provide a fabulous mixture of spiritual tools, practical ideas, and exercises for harnessing your emotions and beliefs, as well as aligning your financial thoughts toward your dreams. You will understand the different money personality types and how to benefit from them. This book will help you to make financial dreams become your financial reality. I couldn’t recommend this book more highly.” (Mike Dooley, New York Times best-selling author of Infinite Possibilities)

“Through this book, you will get to first understand yourself as an individual—what your money personality is, and then why it is. Mollie and Joel have merged their expertise on relationships and finances to help couples put aside their limiting beliefs and use the Law of Attraction so that they can manifest both infinite love and money.” (Miriam Castilla, the "Effectologist", money and mindset mentor to women in business and author of Today’s Woman: Life Balance Secrets)

“Brilliant! Finally, a book that shows couples exactly how to keep the love going and the money flowing! Read this book today, so you can avoid an expensive painful divorce. Your kids will thank you!” (Andy Dooley, CEO of Manifesting Good Vibes)


Infinite Love & Money is a guide for couples to connect with love and together create a path for financial freedom. Mollie and Joel bring their expertise with love and money, respectively, to help lovers connect at a deeper level. Listening to this audiobook will help you understand each other’s financial backgrounds and money personality types. It will dive deep into the emotions surrounding money and finances, as well as your dreams and desires.

Coupled with some pragmatic ideas on how to handle your finances, celebrate your differences, and recover from your conflicts, this audiobook makes the perfect guide for any couple at any point in their financial journey.

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