• INTP: Understanding & Relating with the Logician

  • MBTI Personality Types
  • 著者: Clayton Geoffreys
  • ナレーター: Craig Sweat
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『INTP: Understanding & Relating with the Logician』のカバーアート

INTP: Understanding & Relating with the Logician

著者: Clayton Geoffreys
ナレーター: Craig Sweat


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¥900 で購入



Learn how INTPs view the world and what makes them tick!

In INTP: Understanding & Relating with the Logician, you'll learn about the INTP Myers Brigg personality type. This audiobook covers a variety of topics regarding INTPs (introverted intuitive thinking perception) and why they make such great analysts. INTPs are often referred to as the great philosophers and researchers of the world.

In this book, we'll begin by exploring why the MBTI test is important before then digging in to why INTPs make great leaders. From there we'll venture into the greatest strengths and weaknesses of individuals who identify as INTPs. Finally, we'll explore what makes INTPs happy and what they value in their personal relationships. We'll close by learning about 10 famous INTPs and what you can learn from them.

If you are an INTP, listen to this book to begin your quest to learn why you act the way you do and how you can come to appreciate who you are as an individual. Grab your copy today.

Here is a preview of what is inside this book:

  • Foreword
  • An Introduction to MBTI
  • The Four Dimensions of the MBTI
  • Why Is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Significant?
  • Uncovering the "Logician": Who Is an INTP?
  • Why Are INTPs Indispensable Leaders?
  • The Eight Greatest Strengths of an INTP
  • The Three Greatest Areas of Improvement for an INTP
  • What Makes an INTP Happy?
  • What are Some Common Careers of an INTP?
  • Common Workplace Behaviors of an INTP
  • INTP: Parenting Style and Values
  • INTP and Friendship
  • INTP: Romantic Partners
  • Seven Actionable Steps for Overcoming Your Weaknesses as an INTP
  • The Six Most Influential INTPs We Can Learn From
  • Conclusion

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