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  • 著者: Martin Fiore
  • ナレーター: Karen Leeds
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『Humanity Reimagined』のカバーアート

Humanity Reimagined

著者: Martin Fiore
ナレーター: Karen Leeds
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“Fiore combines perceptive forecasting of change with an understanding of how the world and public already has shifted, making a compelling case that making the best of the future demands improving upon the leadership of the past.” (BookLife Reviews)

“For those looking for a glimpse at the future, this book isn’t a bad place to start. An encouraging, unflinching look at the tech changes to come.” (Kirkus Reviews)


For years, executive Martin Fiore has been advising leaders from a wide range of industries about technological trends that are reshaping the world of business, from artificial intelligence and the rise of autonomous systems to human/machine convergence. Now, in Humanity Reimagined, Fiore explores how these trends are disrupting industries, changing the world of work, transforming the economy, and creating both threats and opportunities for leaders at all levels, from entrepreneurs nurturing start-up businesses to C-suite leaders at the world's biggest corporations.

Fiore's main focus is on what we can do to ensure that the forces of change now sweeping the planet will protect and enhance the most cherished qualities of human life rather than undermining them. He offers thoughtful recommendations for addressing many of the big issues that today's transformational technologies are raising, from the threats to privacy posed by misuse of big data to the infiltration of autonomous systems by racial and gender bias. Most important, Fiore provides advice on how to prepare for an unpredictable future that business leaders, policy makers, and individuals forging their careers will find both practical and inspiring.

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