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"Trina C. Olson and Alfonso T. Wenker are extraordinary practitioners and leaders. What a gift to have their foundational wisdom, teachings, and tools offered up in this way." (Krista Tippett, host and founder of The On Being Project)

"This book is the bible on how to attract, hire, and onboard successful, diverse teams - the most important book you will read all year." (Kymm Martinez, chief marketing officer at the University of St. Thomas)


“If people just hired based on talent, their teams wouldn’t be homogenous. Hiring Revolution confronts this with truth-telling that will no longer allow industries to hide behind platitudes. The actions are clear. It’s time to do them.” (Melanie G. S. Walby, design director of Pollen)

Diverse teams don’t just materialize.

Hiring across race, gender identity, ability, and more must be approached with intentionality and care. But how can a company move from doing?

Aimed at HR management, executives, and leaders across sectors, Hiring Revolution is a compelling guide for how to combat baked-in bias and deal with racism and sexism head on.

As co-founders of the consulting firm Team Dynamics, authors Trina C. Olson and Alfonso T. Wenker are experts in developing equitable work culture. Their tactical approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion at work is based on tested strategies that work.

Inside Hiring Revolution, discover:

  • how mixed teams statistically outperform homogenous teams,
  • why we can - and should - close gaps that hurt us and the people we care about,
  • best practices for recruiting, hiring, and retaining a diverse pool of top talent, and
  • viable solutions to staff diversification you can start implementing today.

Align your organization’s hiring intent with hiring impact. Learn how to become the diverse organization you’ve always wanted to be.

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  • Raymond
  • 2021/10/27

New approach

Hiring Revolution is a great new way to approach the dicey selection process of hiring diverse team members from entirely new criteria. Great job!