• Firework Kisses and Summertime Wishes

  • Love on Kissing Bridge Mountain, Book 4
  • 著者: Linda West
  • ナレーター: Amanda Goolsby
  • 再生時間: 2 時間 19 分


『Firework Kisses and Summertime Wishes』のカバーアート

Firework Kisses and Summertime Wishes

著者: Linda West
ナレーター: Amanda Goolsby


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¥900 で購入



When beautiful tomboy Elle is broken up with by her longtime boyfriend, she thinks her chance for happiness is over. Growing up in the wonderful, clean, and wholesome mountain town all she had ever dreamed of was having a family of her own. Having lost her parents at a young age, Elle knew true happiness was to be found in the love and connection of family. Now all she had left to find solace in is her horses and helping her grandpa run the lodge.

When a stranger comes to town and starts hanging around the stables Elle is a bit concerned. Slowly she warms up to the odd young man and encourages him to start working with the horses. As they get to know each other, they realize they are very much alike on the inside, even if they have taken extremely different paths in their lives.

When things take a surprisingly different turn, Elle is forced to choose between what she thinks she wants and what her heart says. Everyone wants a hero, but not everyone can recognize a true one when they meet them.

©2016 Linda West (P)2016 Linda West

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